Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Toys, Little Joys :)

Suzie by the window, all alone.
Suzie hates her new toy, Mr. Clown.
“His smile is spooky”, Suzie told mum,
Mum said, “Suze, you make me laugh hon.”
The day she got Mr. Clown, Suzie broke a leg,
Mum was off to work while Suzie was in bed.
As she tried to sleep, Suzie heard a giggle,
And did Mr. Clown just give a tiny wiggle?!
Suzie called mum to tell she was scared,
Mum said, “Suze dear, its all in your head.”
Suzie started crying, now the phone went dead
And Mr. Clown stood grinning right by her bed.
Suzie tried screaming, but couldn’t make a sound,
She was chased by Mr. Clown, round and round.
He laughed and clapped and made merry,
‘cos Suzie with her broken leg couldn’t hurry.
Now Suzie’s by the window, all alone,
And smirking in front of her is Mr. Clown.
Suzie looks around and takes a step back
Lashes with her tongue, Mr. Clown gets a whack.
Rolling it back in, Suzie gives a whistle,
“Come come crows, peck clown full of holes.”
The doorbell rings, mum rushes in,
“Suzie dear what have you been…”
“Nothing mommy, the cat got sick,
He slimed and broke clown, I’ll put him in the bin?”


  1. Hello there, very nicely written.. :) Reminded me of a friend who is afraid of clowns!

  2. thankyou! xD actually i am also scared of clowns xP