Friday, November 5, 2010

Transgenic God

fluorescent puppy xD

 Transgenic Science,
Applied to mass populace,
Transgressing limits, testing ice.

Research haywire, mutations a norm,
Playing genetic games, heresy and dominion.

For the one who masters
a science imperfect as such,
Unmasking, discovering, breeding new species,
Transgenic Engineer, new world god.

Reversed codes,
Combining what should not be,
Misinterpreting ethics, creating menace.
Research haywire, mutated monsters,
Player of genetic games, a demented heretic.

I'm the one who's mastered
this imperfect science that was.
Relish in destruction, this new mutant breed,
By my cursed technology, I'm dead-life god.

Lab, my temple of doom.
Worship to a code of species unknown.
Forever I create, seamless amalgamation.

Merging the borders of lifeforms,
A new population that I birth.
Relish in destruction, new army I create.
My cursed technology, old laws I obliterate.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Girl i kiss your bones
Trip your lips a place
Black and girl your toes
Fell to cracked stones.

Nauseous i'm broken shell out
Fragile pieces shoot into
Outside inside of you.
Hurry i'm faded to a brightness
Colours now honey of dark
Futile as blinking to breath inside
Outside the sleepwaking of me.

Girl i kiss your bones
Lose the flower indoors
Creases in light and folds of sound
Breaching your water wall.

No use i'm exposed
Fixated nervous afloat
When outside within your bones.
Faster i'm blinded by light of
Darkness brighter than night
Dysfunction your system  of false
Inside opens to within your cry.

Scream in silence for all to see
Closed mouth to reveal what's outside
Inside the horror of plasticity perceived
Peace that be nonsense candle of burden.

Girl i kiss your bones
Tripping to a thirty toes
Colours fade on to shoes
Girl's opulence (opaque bones)
Meaning erased into cracked stones.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Unfinished deeds
That make scorn arise
From within then numbed
Realise (un)worth,
Release illusion,
Erase emotion,
Exacting revenge- redundant.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Demonihilistic Purge

Demonkind diminishing human lives,
Extinct, extinct your time.

Hanging from the lynching pole,
Flayed to bare flesh,
Burning, this stake purifying your soul.
Demonic, "religious" purge,
Undoing ritualistic beliefs.

Sweating in the heat of the cleansing flame,
Melting fetid masks of pale skin away,
Extinct, extinct your time.

"Evil Ones" from netherworld alight,
Their minions, demons, misanthropic delight.
Unholy spirits, disrupting falsities, fallacies.
Flaccid, like bodies, so souls.

Rancid stench, corroded brains, bare intellect,
Collective screams of mass epiphanies.

End of Time, human dominion extinct.
Extinct time, existence unalive.
Extinct time, enlightened corpses.
Rebirth, this earth, from nothingness.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black Blood...Of Immortality

One eyed, unopen/unclosed, shedding no tears.
Black depth concealing suffering.
Eyelid, the mask that dissolved,
Overflowing well of black, disclosing nothing.
With finger drowning in the depth,
The act, to reach her well of suffering,
Through that black hole, none visible,
But in the black, her sanity resides.
Time-space become meaningless,
Dissolved as she took leave of her senses,
Existence, a void of misery,
Extant past-present-future vortex.
Tangible, her assumed bodily tie to earth,
Finger assuring existential doubts,
She draws out her blood now,
Black Blood...Of Immortality.
The tangible, contradicting sanity.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Engineered Immortal

Half a reason to underestimate the anomaly
Disgust in a flood of unreason.
Hatred, pulsating in a vein of discord,
Thunderous disintegration.

Misanthrope, an animal
Man immortal, synthetic creation.
Mental dissonance, physical distortion.
Unintentionally engineered,
For thunderous mass destruction.