Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black Blood...Of Immortality

One eyed, unopen/unclosed, shedding no tears.
Black depth concealing suffering.
Eyelid, the mask that dissolved,
Overflowing well of black, disclosing nothing.
With finger drowning in the depth,
The act, to reach her well of suffering,
Through that black hole, none visible,
But in the black, her sanity resides.
Time-space become meaningless,
Dissolved as she took leave of her senses,
Existence, a void of misery,
Extant past-present-future vortex.
Tangible, her assumed bodily tie to earth,
Finger assuring existential doubts,
She draws out her blood now,
Black Blood...Of Immortality.
The tangible, contradicting sanity.