Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Toys, Little Joys :)

Suzie by the window, all alone.
Suzie hates her new toy, Mr. Clown.
“His smile is spooky”, Suzie told mum,
Mum said, “Suze, you make me laugh hon.”
The day she got Mr. Clown, Suzie broke a leg,
Mum was off to work while Suzie was in bed.
As she tried to sleep, Suzie heard a giggle,
And did Mr. Clown just give a tiny wiggle?!
Suzie called mum to tell she was scared,
Mum said, “Suze dear, its all in your head.”
Suzie started crying, now the phone went dead
And Mr. Clown stood grinning right by her bed.
Suzie tried screaming, but couldn’t make a sound,
She was chased by Mr. Clown, round and round.
He laughed and clapped and made merry,
‘cos Suzie with her broken leg couldn’t hurry.
Now Suzie’s by the window, all alone,
And smirking in front of her is Mr. Clown.
Suzie looks around and takes a step back
Lashes with her tongue, Mr. Clown gets a whack.
Rolling it back in, Suzie gives a whistle,
“Come come crows, peck clown full of holes.”
The doorbell rings, mum rushes in,
“Suzie dear what have you been…”
“Nothing mommy, the cat got sick,
He slimed and broke clown, I’ll put him in the bin?”

The Evening Walk

Shorty took a walk, in the dark forest.
Shorty was a fool, he never came back.
Off he had gone, with much eagerness
On a moonless night, into the wilderness.
He walked on and on till the dirth path stopped,
When he saw though the trees a thing that hopped.
It whirred and jumped and occasionally barked,
Shorty ran to it, poor thing looked badly hurt.
Into the trees and down the thorny brambles,
Shorty lost his flashlight (and later his marbles).
No fluffy was in sight, no tiny hopping critter?
Shorty was now scared, he smelt lurking danger.
With a rush-crunch-crash-gobble it was all over,
Short had been gobbled by the inside-out monster.

That Old Playground Story

The boy with his apple sat on the swing,
Chewing as he watched the little girls sing.
“curious, curious”, he says to himself.
“why do they do that? I wonder.”
Every evening in the same spot he sat,
It became a habit, into manhood at that.
Now a young man with a sharp face,
The girls too not so little anymore.
And apple and song were still intact.
The tall Aura, with her long red mane,
And Amyra with her big purple eyes,
And of course the twins with two pigtails
All sang chorus, “O dark queen, many hails!”
Aura, Amyra, and them twins
Pulled out small daggers from within.
“Protect our secret, keep us well,
Let none know of this horrid spell.”
And then they cut, and dripped red blood,
That made the young man want to scream
For its lovely scent haunted all his dreams.
Scuffing his boots, he jumped on the sand
And hurriedly ran to where the ladies sang.
The girls in a trance, lost in song
Didn’t see him come, not for long.
Not till the dagger struck its mark.
With little smiles and point teeth turned red,
Away rolled apple as they kissed pretty boy’s head

Last Night...

Dark night sky with the stars so bright,
The hooting owl and the little fireflies.
Glow from the streetlamp on my boots
Casting shadows on the cobbled stones.
Again above, those dark grey clouds,
Drizzle tiny raindrops on my nose.
Winking, sparkling, shiny moon.
Sigh, tonight, I am quite alone.

Autumn Bloom

Slowly I got up, walked to that tree,
Branches shook with silent laughter.
Autumn had stripped it bare
And laid her out, I saw her there.
Her shadow grew darker,
Her fragrance strong,
Her breath in soft puffs, she lead me on.
Silent footsteps, on the fire bed of leaves,
Silently I followed, behind her I floated.
Twilight breeze, her hair over my face,
So helpless, spellbound in her wake.
Above all beauty, my love, a wonder.
Smile now princess for we are together.

Oh but shadow of the spring to come
To hide her again in evergreen folds.
I held her tighter, dread creeping in
My tears glistened on her pretty skin.
Her silent eyes in pain turned to mine
To drown in her look for all eternity.
All was still, clouds drifted above.
Each tiny detail, blurred by her beauty.
Dawn now, bird chirp and flower bloom
She fades, upon here now a green gloom.
Left alone, in these crushing wild woods,
One dried red leaf, her last little trace
I’ll see you next autumn, in all your grace.

Ten Little Bunnies

Ten little bunnies sitting in a row,
Annie ate one and then there were nine.
Nine little bunnies scampering away,
Annie shot one and then there were eight.
Eight little bunnies locked in a cage,
Annie got pissed and now there are seven.
Seven little bunnies playing with dead rats,
Bunnies had a fight and then there were six.
Six little bunnies sleeping in the dust,
One was allergic and then there were five.
Five little bunnies mourning the dead,
One died of grief and then there were four.
Four little bunnies playing hide and seek,
One was never found, and then there were three.
Three little bunnies, hiding from Annie,
One was too slow, and then there were two.
Two little bunnies playing with Annie,
Annie had a knife, so now there’s just one.
One little bunny, stuck in Annie’s bed,
He couldn’t take it, shot himself in the head.


Flightless feathers, no wing on the wind.
Silent streams, a black mass so still.
Her gilded crown, grayed with age,
The woman, she stood there, drenched in despair.

She feels all is lost, and its all her fault,
Though she knows that she has played no part.
Blaming herself, she feels no better,
But if she would blame another

She’d cry, she’d die, she would bleed alive!
No she won’t, though she knows, its her denial!
She’d cry, she’d die, she would bleed alive!
No she won’t, though she knows, its her denial!

Memories…(hidden beneath)

He had come, with that face and his grace,
Hypnotized her, mesmerized with his shady trades.
And when he was done
A pestilence he cast, to remove his trace.
Forever plagued, no escape, what would she have saved?

All is not lost? Not her fault?
She knows now that she can play her part.
Calming herself, she feels much better.
Now her own dark spell on that other

Now he’d cry, he would die, he bleeds alive,
As she tears out his heart, in her hand, it beats out of life
Blood into streams, bones into wings, sinew new silken strands;
Her face colors, lips bleed out to a smile
Quelling his screams and crushing his sighs,

Her face colors, lips bleeding a smile.


Scaly skin, scraped away,
Serpentine body-lain and slain
Sinewy entrails drawn out by filthy nails
Litter that flimsy coffin cover cast away.
Beating heart beneath icy ribs,
Cryogenic crypt -violated!
Beneath melting ice, your frozen remains
Centuries old, no stench comes forth.
My tongue caressing one bony cheek,
As fangs drip black venom into a dead wound.
Delving in with a ravenous hunger,
Teeth rip off loose cold skin.

Now as your carcass begins to rot,
Engulfed by my horrid bony claws,
Rancid and ruptured lie your spoils,
Mutilated, ravaged, you are Necrified!

Chewing the flesh, savoring the feel
Of cool hard meat under my rotted teeth.
As my putrid breath descends down your throat
And sucks out the phlegm and bile that flow rising out.
Gutted and emptied, hollow shell of a broken corpse,
Exposed to the hot, foul night wind,
In icy lumps you loosen and melt.
Freshly I draw from punctured veins into my mouth
Your unfrozen blood in a roaring fount.
As it gushes in a gurgling froth,
And splatters the ground in a million drops.

Now as your carcass begins to rot,
Engulfed by my horrid bony claws,
Rancid and ruptured lie your spoils,
Mutilated, ravaged, you are Necrified!