Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Bloom

Slowly I got up, walked to that tree,
Branches shook with silent laughter.
Autumn had stripped it bare
And laid her out, I saw her there.
Her shadow grew darker,
Her fragrance strong,
Her breath in soft puffs, she lead me on.
Silent footsteps, on the fire bed of leaves,
Silently I followed, behind her I floated.
Twilight breeze, her hair over my face,
So helpless, spellbound in her wake.
Above all beauty, my love, a wonder.
Smile now princess for we are together.

Oh but shadow of the spring to come
To hide her again in evergreen folds.
I held her tighter, dread creeping in
My tears glistened on her pretty skin.
Her silent eyes in pain turned to mine
To drown in her look for all eternity.
All was still, clouds drifted above.
Each tiny detail, blurred by her beauty.
Dawn now, bird chirp and flower bloom
She fades, upon here now a green gloom.
Left alone, in these crushing wild woods,
One dried red leaf, her last little trace
I’ll see you next autumn, in all your grace.

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