Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Girl i kiss your bones
Trip your lips a place
Black and girl your toes
Fell to cracked stones.

Nauseous i'm broken shell out
Fragile pieces shoot into
Outside inside of you.
Hurry i'm faded to a brightness
Colours now honey of dark
Futile as blinking to breath inside
Outside the sleepwaking of me.

Girl i kiss your bones
Lose the flower indoors
Creases in light and folds of sound
Breaching your water wall.

No use i'm exposed
Fixated nervous afloat
When outside within your bones.
Faster i'm blinded by light of
Darkness brighter than night
Dysfunction your system  of false
Inside opens to within your cry.

Scream in silence for all to see
Closed mouth to reveal what's outside
Inside the horror of plasticity perceived
Peace that be nonsense candle of burden.

Girl i kiss your bones
Tripping to a thirty toes
Colours fade on to shoes
Girl's opulence (opaque bones)
Meaning erased into cracked stones.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Unfinished deeds
That make scorn arise
From within then numbed
Realise (un)worth,
Release illusion,
Erase emotion,
Exacting revenge- redundant.