Sunday, December 27, 2009

Engineered Immortal

Half a reason to underestimate the anomaly
Disgust in a flood of unreason.
Hatred, pulsating in a vein of discord,
Thunderous disintegration.

Misanthrope, an animal
Man immortal, synthetic creation.
Mental dissonance, physical distortion.
Unintentionally engineered,
For thunderous mass destruction.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i feel so empty, i feel so hollow.
But would pushing You off the edge
finally fill this void?

Taking a step back to get a better view,
emotions are hard to come by.
Even if i  think i look at You one last time.

i liked it then, i preferred "us".
A piece of a whole,
should i cut the excess off?
(It could be me, as much as You)

Causes and reasons, make sense no more.
Emotions are hard to come by.
Even as i think i look at You one last time.

Its not fear, its not sadness,
nor hatred, anger or madness.
Emotions, those emotions don't come anymore.
And now thoughts disappear too,
i look at You for one last time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Accidents In The Cell Culture Lab

Drops of acid stain,
Culture plate drained,
Overflowing toxic cells
Discharge septic waste.
Porous membrane,
Overflowing toxic cells,
Drained into skin,
You're now septic waste.

Pus and blisters,
Glass shards embedded,
Devoid of plasma,
Blood is septic waste.
Overflowing toxic cells,
drained into spleen.
Internal bleeding,
Septic waste.

Tissue damage,
Grey matter pulverized,
Painful nasal discharge,
Skin is septic waste.
Ingestion of toxic cells,
Total coelem infection.
Internal bleeding,
Septic waste.