Monday, September 28, 2009

The Evening Walk

Shorty took a walk, in the dark forest.
Shorty was a fool, he never came back.
Off he had gone, with much eagerness
On a moonless night, into the wilderness.
He walked on and on till the dirth path stopped,
When he saw though the trees a thing that hopped.
It whirred and jumped and occasionally barked,
Shorty ran to it, poor thing looked badly hurt.
Into the trees and down the thorny brambles,
Shorty lost his flashlight (and later his marbles).
No fluffy was in sight, no tiny hopping critter?
Shorty was now scared, he smelt lurking danger.
With a rush-crunch-crash-gobble it was all over,
Short had been gobbled by the inside-out monster.

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