Monday, June 28, 2010

Demonihilistic Purge

Demonkind diminishing human lives,
Extinct, extinct your time.

Hanging from the lynching pole,
Flayed to bare flesh,
Burning, this stake purifying your soul.
Demonic, "religious" purge,
Undoing ritualistic beliefs.

Sweating in the heat of the cleansing flame,
Melting fetid masks of pale skin away,
Extinct, extinct your time.

"Evil Ones" from netherworld alight,
Their minions, demons, misanthropic delight.
Unholy spirits, disrupting falsities, fallacies.
Flaccid, like bodies, so souls.

Rancid stench, corroded brains, bare intellect,
Collective screams of mass epiphanies.

End of Time, human dominion extinct.
Extinct time, existence unalive.
Extinct time, enlightened corpses.
Rebirth, this earth, from nothingness.

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