Friday, November 5, 2010

Transgenic God

fluorescent puppy xD

 Transgenic Science,
Applied to mass populace,
Transgressing limits, testing ice.

Research haywire, mutations a norm,
Playing genetic games, heresy and dominion.

For the one who masters
a science imperfect as such,
Unmasking, discovering, breeding new species,
Transgenic Engineer, new world god.

Reversed codes,
Combining what should not be,
Misinterpreting ethics, creating menace.
Research haywire, mutated monsters,
Player of genetic games, a demented heretic.

I'm the one who's mastered
this imperfect science that was.
Relish in destruction, this new mutant breed,
By my cursed technology, I'm dead-life god.

Lab, my temple of doom.
Worship to a code of species unknown.
Forever I create, seamless amalgamation.

Merging the borders of lifeforms,
A new population that I birth.
Relish in destruction, new army I create.
My cursed technology, old laws I obliterate.

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